Magic Musings

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What's Inside?

This is a limited edition (1/600) collection of 22 magic essays written by a professional magic consultant. The book breaks down secrets like:

  • Dual-reality.
  • Pre-show.
  • Cut-points.
  • Narrowing forces
  • & so much more.

You’ll get valuable insights collected over ten years spent consulting for the biggest names in the magic industry.

Praise for Magic Musings

‘I love Rory’s writing because he’s one of the few people who have a wealth of knowledge, creative ideas and a grasp of how those things can be used to enhance magic.’

- Steve Faulkner (Real Magic Reviews)

‘Rory is one of the world’s best consultants, which makes him brilliant at teaching fooling tricks, sharing secret magic theory and breaking down the foundations of great magic.’

- Lloyd Barnes

"I read everything Rory writes. His thinking is incisive and useful and often leads me in directions I wouldn't have considered on my own.”

- Nate Staniforth

About The Author

Rory is a 27-year-old British television magic writer, producer and consultant. His previous projects include Dynamo: Seeing Is Believing, ITV1’s The Next Great Magician, JSBC’s The Amazing Magicians, Netflix’s Magic For Humans, and Victor Mids: Mindf*ck. 

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Limited edition soft back book.

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Magic Musings

2 ratings
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